$ 27.50 SKU: CAM0301

The Isolite Anterior 10-Pack Large mouthpieces are intended for procedures on patients with a large arch width. 

Each mouthpiece is individually wrapped in a convenient operatory 10 pack box. Single-use mouthpieces reduce the risk of cross-contamination and provide effective compliance with infection control protocols.  

Utilizing the Isolite family of mouthpieces you can experience the following:   

  • Airway protection  
  • Anterior bicuspid to bicuspid retraction for better visibility   
  • Continuous suction for moisture control  
  • Integrated Bite block for comfort and safety  
  • Additional evacuation provided at rear of bite-block to significantly reduce pooling in the mouth 

Anterior Adapters Required For Use


    • BPA free  
    • Made of soft flexible polymer  
    • Accommodates the upper and lower lip frenulum  
    • For patients with a small arch  
    • Approximate Arch Width: 53-61 mm  
    • Bite Block: 18.6 mm  
    • Tongue Shield: 55 mm  

    Sizing the Zyris Isolite Mouthpieces Click here to download the complete mouthpiece placement guide.