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$ 132.00 SKU: CIR0201

The ultimate dental retractor that's so simple and comfortable to use your patient could insert it themselves in seconds! Hoopla improves patient compliance, especially during long or challenging procedures, while providing exceptional access and visibility with an innovative design that reduces clinician neck and back fatigue.

Better Access

Enhanced Visibility

More Comfortable
(For Patients & Clinicians)

Hoopla is designed by, for, and with dental professionals to ensure it addresses the real everyday needs of clinicians today.

“My patients love Hoopla! They are so much easier to use than an Optragate*.” — Dr. Mollie R.*OptraGate is a trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

Hoopla was developed alongside a wide range of dental professionals, focused on the real everyday needs of clinicians, incorporating hands-on feedback at every stage of production.

Leading to Hoopla’s innovative design that provides:

  • Reduced neck and back pain for clinicians
  • Improved access and visibility to the gingival margin
  • Quick adjustment tabs for better maneuverability
  • Enhanced visibility of the occlusal plane during imaging procedures
  • Placement and reinsertion in just seconds, saving time during procedures
  • Added efficiency to infection control protocols with a single-use design
  • Increased patient compliance, especially during longer or challenging procedures
  • Less waste with a semi-flexible, BPA-free polymer that’s completely biodegradable
  • Keeps the lips up and out of the way for exceptional access and visibility
  • Stays firmly in place even during critical moments like occlusion checks
  • A one-size-fits-most design that accommodates the upper and lower lip frenum and all arch sizes
  • Seamless integration with your current tools
  • Extra oral fulcrum stability

“They’re working great! I used them for a full-day sedation case that consisted of full mouth extractions, 8 implants, and conversion of dentures to fixed prostheses. They were such a great aid and really helped to speed up the whole procedure. No issues, only positive feedback!” Dr. Rachel D.

“Love this product!!! If any office hasn’t tried this, NOW is the time! I promise you won’t regret it! This is the GO-TO product in our office!” -Karen S.

bio-logoHoopla: the universal, biodegradable dental retractor that can be easily inserted in seconds and keeps both patients and clinicians comfortable while providing exceptional access and visibility.