Isodry Dental Isolation System

$295 + $83/month for 12 months
or $1,295.00 in full

SKU: EID0101
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Isodry - 2 Year Extended Warranty + $149.00 / system

This system does not come with mouthpieces. Make sure to add mouthpieces to your order based on your practice's needs.

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Product Description

Isodry® is a dental isolation system for clinical use by dental professionals. Using our Mouthpieces, the system is designed to isolate two quadrants at once, simultaneously providing tongue and cheek retraction, and continuous suction allowing you to control moisture and humidity throughout the oral cavity, while improving patient management, safety, and comfort.

Each Isodry Dental Isolation System comes with: one (1) Titanium Control Base, six (6) Vacuum Pipes, and one (1) Vacuum Hose.

Accessories Included: Suction Line Plug, Mouthpiece Lubricant, Suction Channel Tube Brush, Y-adapter Kit, O-ring Maintenance Kit, and Instructions for Use.


  • Dual quadrant hands-free suction
  • 2 x 1 x 3 in (50 x 25 x 75 mm)
  • 1 5⁄8 oz (47 g)
  • Bio-compatible surgical-grade titanium
  • Integrated 60 in (1.52 m) Vacuum Hose

One-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Isolite Systems guarantees the highest level of quality for every item we manufacture. Every system comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty on all parts and components.

Professional Training Required and Included for Free

Our research has shown that clinicians and their teams that receive professional training from us have an increased rate of success with a new Isodry system. This benefits your patients, your team and helps you get the most out of your investment in a new Isolite system.

We are committed to your success and ensuring your team and your patients have a positive experience with your new Isodry purchase. That’s why we require system training for all new customers and for existing customers ordering for a new location. This required training is provided at no additional cost to you.

Your system order will not ship to your office until a training date is scheduled.