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Product Description

In one system, the Illuminated Dental Isolation System allows you to perform Anterior/Posterior procedures quickly and easily for consistent outcomes. Utilizing the Isolite family of mouthpieces you can experience the following:  

  • Retraction for better visibility  
  • Continuous suction for moisture control   
  • Airway protection  
  • Bite block for comfort and safety   


  • For Posterior procedures  
    • Shadowless illumination   
    • 3 brightness levels of white light  
    • 3 brightness levels of True amber “cure-safe” mode to prevent premature curing of resins 
  • For all procedures  
    • Supports Anterior and Posterior procedures with included Adapters for Isolite Mouthpieces   
    • Supports higher daily patient volume per chair    
    • Dedicated hose included with built-in Y-adapter  
    • One-time Simple installation  

The Isolite Pro provides your patient with safety and comfort, spending less time in the dental chair while reducing the chance of accidental aspiration.   

Earn Free CE with your Isolite System Training

  • Earn 1 CE credit per attendee (a $350 value) for no-charge 
  • Realize the full value the Isolite Pro will have in your practice by attending our CE training 
  • Protect your investment by learning valuable mouthpiece sizing, cleaning, and maintenance skills 

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  • One (1) Control Head connected to the Power Vacuum Hose 
  • One (1) Power Vacuum Base that also serves as a built-in Y-adapter 
  • One (1) Power Adapter 
  • Six (6) Autoclavable Vacuum Light Pipes that connect to Isolite Posterior Mouthpieces 
  • Six (6) Autoclavable Anterior Adapters that connect to Isolite Anterior Mouthpieces 
  • One (1) Cleaning tip that connects directly to a portable or chairside cleaning canister 
  • Accessories: Cleaning Brush, Accessory Connector, and O-Ring Lubricant 
  • 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty – Every system comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty on all parts and components

One-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Zyris guarantees the highest level of quality for every item we manufacture. Every system comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty on all parts and components.