$ 595.00 $ 695.00 SKU: EAM0102

The Isolite Anterior Isolation System is your all-in-one system that gives you continuous, hands-free, droplet and aerosol-reducing HVE suction along with lip, cheek, and tongue retraction for your anterior and hygiene procedures. 

You’ll get complete access from bicuspid to bicuspid, making it ideal for nearly every procedure on every chair in your office including hygiene procedures. The HVE suction helps reduce droplets and aerosols during your procedures up to 90%.

When performing restorative, cosmetic, or hygiene procedures on the anterior region, the Isolite Anterior Isolation System gives you the superior visibility and safety you need.

Comes with:

  • Dedicated HVE hose
  • Ten (10) Isolite Anterior Mouthpieces (4 Small, 4 Medium, 2 Large)
  • Six (6) Isolite Anterior HVE Tips made of bio-compatible polymer that are 100% fully autoclavable
  • Adapters to connect to an available HVE port