$ 27.50 SKU: CAM0301

The new Isolite Anterior Mouthpiece provides full access from bicuspid to bicuspid for all of your anterior procedures. The mouthpieces are single-use only to support your infection control protocol and prevent patient cross-contamination.

Isolite Anterior Mouthpieces have an integrated bite block to keep the patient’s mouth open comfortably and two HVE suction ports to help reduce aerosols up to 90%.

They are constructed of a soft, flexible polymer and are not made with natural rubber latex. They do not contain phthalates or BPAs. Mouthpieces are available in two sizes and sold in convenient boxes that contain ten (10) mouthpieces in each box. Each non-sterile Anterior Mouthpiece is individually packaged in a polyethylene bag.


  • BPA and latex free
  • Made of soft flexible polymer
  • Accommodates the upper and lower lip frenulum
  • For patients with a wide arch and/or deep vestibule
  • Approximate Arch Width: 53-61 mm
  • Bite Block: 18.6 mm
  • Tongue Shield: 55 mm
Single-Use for Safety
The Anterior Mouthpieces are designed to be single-use only to significantly reduce the risk of patient cross-contamination and provide effective compliance with infection control protocol.