$ 27.50 SKU: CIL0701

Product Description

For use with Isolite Systems family of products. Mouthpieces are constructed of a soft, flexible polymer and are not made with natural rubber latex. They do not contain phthalates or BPAs. Mouthpieces are single-use only and available in various sizes. Mouthpieces are supplied in convenient operatory boxes. Each non-sterile Mouthpiece is individually packaged in a polyethylene bag.


  • Approximate Interincisal Opening: 30-45 mm
  • Engineered from soft, flexible, latex-free polymer
  • Bite Block: 30 mm
  • Tongue Shield: 56 mm
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Single-Use Means Safe

Our Mouthpieces are designed to be single use only to significantly reduce the risk of patient cross-contamination and provide effective compliance with infection control protocol.