$ 27.50 SKU: CIL0301

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Effective 11/24/20, this Original Mouthpiece (Medium) is no longer available for purchase.

The Original Medium Mouthpiece was designed for the very first Isolite Illuminated Dental Isolation System in 2005. If you have an Isolite 2, Isolite 3, Isodry, Isovac, or Isovac 2, we strongly recommend that you purchase the Medium Mouthpiece instead.

The only difference between the Original Medium Mouthpiece and the current Large Mouthpiece is the size and shape of the mouthpiece throat - the part of the mouthpiece that attaches to the Isolite 2/3, Isodry, or Isovac. The shape of all other parts of the mouthpieces is identical.